Wheel Alignment Services Nottingham

This service aims at keeping your car wheels in the position they were when they left the manufacturers premises. Also known as tracking, wheel alignment is a service designed to minimize the rate at which your wheel wears out. 

Wheel alignment services involve operations that adjust the angles of your car’s wheels to always match your manufacturer specifications. Part of the services also includes checking your suspension system since a problem with it can cause an imbalanced drive. Suspension systems can easily be thrown out of position, from either normal wear or bumping on things as you drive. 

Improperly aligned wheels are prone to heavy wear, sometimes even reducing your wheel’s lifespan by up to 30%. That is why you should have them checked regularly.

How To Tell If Your Wheels Need Alignment:

The four wheels of your car are supposed to remain parallel at all times. Any change in that could bring huge losses and discomfort while driving. The telltale signs of improperly aligned wheels are easy to spot. Some of them include:

  • Your car pulling to one side – When any of the wheels on your car is out of position, the car loses its correct positioning and tends to draw you to one side while driving.
  • A vibrating steering wheel – When your car wheels are out of balance, this may cause your steering wheel to shake, especially when you are driving at around 60 mph.
  • An imbalanced steering wheel – You might notice your steering wheel appears straight when you’re driving in a curved section and vice versa. This gives the need to keep adjusting the steering wheel in order to drive straight.

If you can point out any of these signs, you need to take your car for fixing to avoid further damage to the wheels or even causing bigger complications.  At [name of company], we have invested in the most recent and advanced wheel alignment technology that accurately snaps your wheels or suspension system right into position.

Improved Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Imbalanced wheels create a rolling resistance, which in turn increases your MPG. To correct this, we check your wheels right positioning and correct any defect. We also check to ensure they are inflated with the right amounts of air to avoid bursting or wear on the tread.

How We Do It (For Cars With Non-Adjustable Rear Suspensions):

Step 1: The system takes note of the angle readings at all the wheels

Step 2: The steering is centered

Step 3: Your vehicle’s front wheels get referenced to rear thrust line. After that, they are adjusted to specifications

For cars fitted with adjustable rear suspensions, the procedure is a bit different:

Step 1: Angle records at all the wheels are recorded

Step 2: Your vehicle’s rear wheels are adjusted to specifications (the rear thrust line has to be consistent with your car’s centerline)

Step 3: Your steering wheel centering is completed

Step 4: The front wheels of your car get referenced to the rear thrust line. After that, they are adjusted to specification

Whenever you seek our help in fixing your wheel alignment problems, we always ensure that we align your wheels in accordance with the trusted UK system under which we get accurate results. This system is also reliable as it points out other wheel related issues that would otherwise be missed.

That, coupled with our competent specialists, makes sure you have a wheel alignment experience that matches your car model, all at a friendly rate. What’s more, we also offer you services like tyre disposal and new valve as well. 

You can reach out to our team anytime to get your wheels back into the right position and save resources while at it.