Timing Belt Replacement Services Nottingham

Your car’s timing belt – or cam belt as others prefer to call it, is a vital component as it coordinates the turning of the crankshaft and the camshaft. This motion is important as it facilitates the timely opening and closing of engine valves and as they do so, space is created for the cylinder to execute their intake and exhaust strokes. At the intake and exhaust, the valves should be open while the pistons have to be in the right position in readiness for fuel ignition.

Car manufacturers are keen to mention after how long you should replace your timing belt as they understand how crucial their task is. When a belt snaps, mostly from wear, the results could cause engine damage bad enough to cost you lots of money to repair. It could be worse if this occurs while you are on your busy schedule, or in a place far away from home. More time will definitely be taken to fix it and this could inconvenience you in many ways.


Does Your Car Have A Timing Belt?

With the advanced technology used by many car manufacturers today, almost every car comes fitted with a timing belt. This, however, isn’t the same for every model since some have the chain version. This is the version that may require low maintenance as it doesn’t need a replacement routine. 

To tell if your car has a belt or chain, check if your engine has a plastic cap on either the left or right size. If it does have one, then your car uses a timing belt. Timing chains, on the other hand, do not have plastic caps.

Pay us a visit and we will be glad to help you know the kind of belt your car has and if/when it needs to be changed.

When To Change Your Timing Belt

Although your car’s manufacturer may have indicated to you when it is time to change your timing belt, you need to do regular checks to avoid mishaps. Most manufacturers will either use mileage or time to determine how soon you need a replacement. 

The most popular mileage quoted by many manufacturers in your car manual fall in the range of 60,000-120,000 miles. But when this doesn’t seem helpful, a regular check will point out potential damages and save you from huge losses.

Our team is dedicated to helping you carry out these checks and will advise you accordingly should your timing belt deserve attention.

Timing Belt Replacement Services

Since the timing belt is such a vital component of your car, we take time to change it professionally. At our garage, proper attention is given to all parts of your belt or chain to avoid further damage and for an effective replacement. 

We go an extra mile to check other car parts related to the timing belt like tensioner, cam followers, and the water pump because we understand that damage to them can cause as much harm to your engine.

Although timing belt replacement can be quite expensive owing to the work involved, we dedicate our best experts to attend to it while minding the costs. What’s even better is that they are experienced in catering to the many vehicle models and types available today. Trust us to handle your timing belt or chain needs, whether full replacement or just routine checks, professionally and to your satisfaction.


At Wheel Alignment Nottingham, we understand how crucial a functioning timing belt is and will do everything it takes to ensure we deliver the best, by sourcing replacement parts only from recognizable and trusted dealers. 

For these services, you can contact us and talk our always ready-to-help team or book an appointment.