Suspension Repairs Nottingham

Suspension systems play a major role in making sure your driving experience is comfortable, smooth, and controlled. The system itself is a complex series of parts that work together to minimize the vibrations, undulations, and other imperfections from the road surface that threaten the car’s stability and performance when driving. 

Your suspension, together with steering, need to be in proper working condition as the safety of your car largely depends on them. Whenever your steering seems to wobble or your vehicle feels like it is drifting sideways or you can feel and hear all the bumps and potholes, those are clear signs that your car needs expert help.

Key vehicle suspension parts include the coil spring and shock absorber –or dampener, as it’s otherwise known. Both work together to cushion and also damp down the impact from potholes and other related imperfections from the road. 

On top of that, they help to keep your car stable and the tyres steadily in contact with the ground for the longest time possible to enable your brakes to function effectively. But when your shock absorbers are worn out, your braking distance could go up to 2 metres when you are driving at 30mph. This is because the tyres don’t have firm contact with the road surface. 

Making sure your car has  a well-functioning suspension system is important if you are to enjoy exceptional stability and handling and also great comfort from your motor vehicle.

Suspension Components

Some of the suspension parts you will want to take note of include:


  • Springs – Their major role is to absorb energy. There are several types, including coil, lead, air-assisted, and torsion springs.
  • Anti-sway bar – Has the same measurements as the axle’s width and connects the two sides of the suspension in order to create stability as the car is moving. 
  • Shock absorbers – They disperse the energy soaked up by the springs 
  • Strut – A strut is a shock absorber fixed inside the coil spring

Car Suspension Issues

When it comes to suspensions, it’s not always easy to notice that there’s a fault. Shocks and springs tend to lose their performance gradually and because it happens over time, it’s difficult to point out that gradual reduction in suspension performance. 

However, there are specific situations that will occur as a result of this loss in suspension performance that you should watch out for. They include: 


  • Whenever you pull away from a stopped position, you may hear a knocking noise coming from the front side of the vehicle.
  • When driving along roads or surfaces that are uneven, the knocking noise will recur, either from the front or back, and the ride will possibly be uncomfortable.
  • On straight roads, say, a motorway, defective parts at either side of the front suspension will cause the vehicle to want to drift or pull towards the affected side.

Our skilled mechanics recognize all these problems. In fact, no suspension complication is ever new to them, thanks to their rich experience in handling all the varieties available today. Combine that with the innovative technology we use in doing the repairs and you can be sure of having your car’s problem handled accurately and in the shortest time possible. 

Visit us anytime to have a suspension check done. Potentially serious problems may be identified early enough and we’ll provide you with a clear quote for what’s needed to make your vehicle suspension healthy again.