Car Servicing Nottingham

Knowing how much you value the wellness of your car, we work hard at ensuring your car is regularly serviced and maintained at low costs. This, in turn, keeps your car at optimum performance while ensuring you are safe on the road. To achieve this, we focus on four major components namely,

  • Brake
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Tyres


We focus on these four as we understand how crucial they are to keeping your car running well and that failure to service any of them could see you deal with more depressing problems. 

Our goal remains to ensure that you, together with your family, get the best experience while driving around in your car. But that’s not all you will gain from our car servicing procedures. 

You stand a chance to reduce your fuel usage. Your car’s resale value is another thing you could boost when you enlist for our services. Then there’s the reduced chance of breakdowns which you only enjoy when you service your car regularly. In summary, here’s why you need to regularly service your car: 


  • Optimized vehicle performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Better car safety
  • Reduced risk of failures, breakdowns, and unnecessary expenses

Where Do We Come In?

For over thirty years, our team has excelled in offering professional vehicle serving for a variety of brands. In the process, we have learnt to go beyond the typical car servicing to treat your car to services befitting its make. This means we do not offer robotic services but treat your car to individual services that cater to its specific needs. 

Top in our list of first-rate services are MOT preparations and complete engine diagnostics, in which we have continuously excelled. 

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, we have limited our replacements to only genuine parts. On top of that, we use top quality oils as we understand just how important this is to health and value of your car.  

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: As much as you may have your own reasons for not taking your car for servicing, this decision is likely to be one you will regret in future, particularly when you begin to deal with costly repairs and serious mechanical complications. I would, therefore, recommend that you do this on a regular basis and with help from a trusted and qualified car specialist.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Here’s what to expect from us: 


  • Friendly and reliable services tailored to your needs
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable mechanics
  • Great quality workmanship
  • Genuine car parts and high-grade oil
  • Quick turnaround. That includes same-day service services
  • Fully guaranteed work
  • Relatively inexpensive prices 

The Dealership Myth:

You may have heard other car owners insist on servicing their cars at their dealer shops. While this works, anti-competition laws have since been put in place allowing independent garages to offer the same services. Our garage, therefore, strives to provide car servicing similar to that of your car dealer, only that it’s more affordable yet doesn’t compromise on quality. We are also keen to charge you fairly than your franchised dealer while using only genuine and quality products.

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

The frequency of servicing one’s car depends on a couple of factors. Most dealers will insist that you take your car for servicing annually or after every 10,000 miles, or as indicated in your car manual. However, you might need to know that your car will need more servicing in a given period if it is older or if you use it for tough tasks. 

At our garage, we recommend that you regularly check your car to avoid inconveniencing breakdowns. We offer these intermittent services in between major checks for your car’s tyres, oil, brakes, and related components to keep it safe to drive.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Regular Checks?

There are times you’ll be tempted to skip car servicing in an attempt to save money, especially if your car appears to be in perfect condition. However, this is risky to your car and to you as it could lead to a breakdown that will cost you even more money to repair. 

When you fail to service components like your engine or diesel particulate filter, replacing them after a breakdown might leave a huge dent in your pocket. 

Regular servicing also allows you to replace your time belt, which is way cheaper than replacing it after a breakdown. 

Another key reason as to why your car requires the regular checks is to keep you and the other road users safe. During regular checks, we are able to check components that may breakdown while in use.

Regular checks will also keep your car in optimized performance as the risk of breaking down are reduced greatly. 

Having that in mind, you can now trust us to offer friendly service to your car with genuine parts, at reasonably fair charges. Our team of professionals will treat your car with expertise while saving you and your family from possible inconveniences.